Standardized and validated questionnaires are being used as severity measures and patient-rated outcome measures.

The SWAL-QOL is one of the first general and validated dysphagia questionnaires (McHorney et al., 2002).
Validated translations are availabl in several languages.

DHI (Dysphagia Handicap Index)
The DHI is a general questionnaire, published in 2012 (Silbergleit et al. 2012).

MDADI (M.D. Anderson Dysphagia Inventory)
This questionnaire has been developed and validated for head-neck oncology patients Chen et al., (2001). 

ROMP (Radboud Oral Motor inventory for Parkinson's disease)
The ROMP is validated questionnaire dfor patients with Parkinson's disease  (Kalf et al., 2011), with three domains: speech, swallowing and saliva control. 

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