Severity scales are available to rate the severity of the dysphagia and its consequences at the level of function, activity as well as on the level of particpation. Here are some known examples.

An example of a severity scale on the level of activity is the e FOIS (functional oral intake scale) (Crary et al. (2005), which is developed and validated for stroke patients, but has become a general severity scale. 

Tube dependent:
1 No oral intake
2 Tube dependent with minimal/inconsistent oral intake
3 Tube supplements with consistent oral intake
Total oral intake:
4 Total oral intake of a single consistency
5 Total oral intake of multiple consistencies requiring special preparation
6 Total oral intake with no special preparation, but must avoid specific foods or liquid items
7 Total oral intake with no restrictions 

An example of a scale of the level of participation is the validated 'Eating in public' subscaal van Performance Status Scale for Head and Neck Cancer Patients (PSS-HN) by List et al. 2005:

0 = Always eats alone.
1 = Eats only at home in presence of selected persons.
2 = Eats only in presence of selected persons in selected places.
3 = No restriction of place, but restricts diet when in public (eats anywhere, but may limit intake to less "messy" foods (e.g., liquids).
4 = No restriction of place, food or companion (eats out at any opportunity).
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